Pressure Sprayer

The PSA is a pressure spray pump that offers a strong stream, suitable for gardening, agriculture, or any industrial application.


Consumer Trigger Sprayers

Consumer trigger sprayer with a foaming nozzle that offers both spray and foam mechanism.

trigger 150.jpg

High Output Trigger Sprayers

Industrial trigger sprayer that has an ergonomic handhold and a 55-inch flexible dip tube.


Industrial Trigger Sprayers

Industrial trigger sprayer worked with foaming nozzle to carry out foam spray.

ts-1200 foaming.jpg

External Spring Design Pumps

External spring design and a bigger output of 4cc per stroke make the DPS4 the best choice to prime a very wide range of viscosity products.


Dispenser Pumps

The TDP series are suitable for larger quantity usage and high viscosity liquids, including a good resistance to liquids with ZP components.


Spray Pumps

Providing fine mist spraying, the DPSF performs very well in air fresher and hair care spray where alcohol is involved.