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About Us

Good suppliers are characterized by competence and integrity, qualities that will ensure close cooperation and success. 
Our aim is to lower your purchasing costs, shorten your sourcing time, and build a smooth and cooperative environment for buyers and suppliers. 

We offer the best sourcing decision-making support, and collaboration. 
We are dedicated to providing high quality goods manufactured in Asia, a business we have enjoyed for over 20 years. 

Our goal is to create a market environment where you: 

  • Lower your production costs.

  • Make the best decision, according to your needs, by selecting your supplier. 

  • Save valuable time by sourcing through our network of manufacturers. 

  • Can utilize our team of designers and technicians. 

  • Can offer your products to specific buyers.

  • In order to save shipping costs we can arrange combined container shipments from several suppliers.

  • We are working closely with Scandinavian Technicians and designers.

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